Minimal environmental impact

Carbon Neutral

We contribute monthly in ReforestArg , Who plant trees in forests of the country, to offset our carbon footprint and generate a positive impact on the environment.

What Is it the carbon footprint?

It is the set of greenhouse gas emissions that we generate daily when carrying out our activities as human beings and as producing companies.

Together with ReforestArg we calculate, based on the resources we use during our monthly production, a contribution that not only compensates for our carbon footprint but also helps to plant additional trees to contribute our grain of sand in giving Mother Nature the care that deserves.

Family work and planned production without excess

Our production is carried out by ourselves, owners of ZELVA, together with two additional people who are also part of our "Family" of work. All production is planned month by month to use the minimum amount of inputs necessary and that there are no surpluses or discards that generate contamination, and in the event that they are left over they are reused the following month.

All our fabrics are "Cruelty Free", without animal abuse.

Our buckles and visors are made from recovered plastic.

"Always innovating, as sustainable as possible."