Why do we name this new capsule Ganbaru?

A little over a year ago we were 3 partners.
Today, there are two of us.
Two brothers, from Mendoza, Argentina.

Almost a year ago, one of us decided to move to Barcelona, Spain, in search of a change of life, of new challenges, of new horizons.

We were going through a difficult time, and ZELVA changed forever.

We fell countless times, and we got up even more.

We learned, we changed, we cried, we laughed, we reinvented ourselves, we let go, but above all, we never gave up.

Half a world away, but united by the same purpose, and by something even stronger, our unwavering brotherhood and love for our project, we move on...

From Barcelona, from Mendoza, from our family and our friends, from the heart of ZELVA, from Flor and Nacho, from the reinvention, this new capsule is born:


Never stop doing what they are passionate about. Never give up.

Because "The water that doesn't stop always forms a river."


"Thanks to our family who supported us unconditionally: Dad, Mom, Valen (x2) and Ger.

Thanks to our team of friends who made it possible.

Our friend Photographer:Costi. Our friend Filmmaker:Marian. And our friends Models:Chiari,Lean,MartiAndNacho."