About us

"We like to feel freedom, plentiness in the small things, perhaps not so small after all...
Like walking and having the sunlight pass through the leaves of the trees, hitting our skin with its rays, and then closing the eyes to imagine.
Like riding a bike, and feeling alien to the chaos of the city.
Let the wind carry away the thoughts that bother, to make room for all those that give us peace of mind.
We want to remind you daily.
May you live how you like.
May you choose yourself to be whoever you want.
That you dedicate space and time,
To everything that allows you to be happy."


We are two brothers, Flor and Nacho, united not only by brotherhood but also by a lifestyle, where we prioritize enjoyment, awareness, and love for nature.

We started with zelva in 2016, in Mendoza, Argentina.

We focus not only on design and aesthetics, but also on caring for the environment.

That is why we choose daily to provide a decent and healthy workspace, with almost zero waste.

All our products are handmade, without materials of animal origin. With production adjusted to demand and with carbon footprint compensation.